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French & Vegan Breads of the World

I love bread! I love eating it… And I love making it! Bread is my passion! It is amazing to think of the many weeks, months, and years I have spent making it… And I never get tired! In this course, I will be sharing my knowledge, and experience into making delicious, wholesome, and a great variety of international breads. From the French classics, to the traditional ones from the USA… And to finish it all, we will conclude with a wide range of international classics to make your mouth water, and to accompany every single one of your meals!

Starts December 18th, 2022

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the Vegan French & International Breakfast

I’m really exited to share my experience with you in this course. I love breakfast! In fact, it is my favorite meal! In this second course of the series, will will explore many of the different French, American, and international dishes for an awesomely delicious start of your day!

This course starts September 18th, 2022

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The Art of the French Vegan Macaron

I am very excited to announce the start of my vegan foodie project courses! On April 7th 2022, I will be starting with delicious vegan French macarons! Come join me to learn how to craft this delicious treat… Great for dessert, to accompany a good coffee or tea, or just simply as a delicious midday pick-me-up snack!

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