the Fine French Vegan Macaron Course


the Art of the French Vegan Macaron | Master Course

by Muriel Schiffmann

Welcome to our online course: THE ART of the FRENCH VEGAN MACARON 

Learn how to make authentic VEGAN French Parisian Macarons that will both look and taste amazing without using any dairy or eggs.

Watch the course video presentation by Muriel Schiffmann below:

Muriel Schiffmann introduces the course in the video player interface… You have the option to view it in full screen, to activate the subtitles for clear understanding and discrete viewing, and at the right of the screen you can navigate to the different lessons and sections. Of course, you can start, pause and rewind as many times as you need. And you can view each lesson as many times as you want.

In this course you will learn: 

  • How to make delicious high-end traditional French Parisian Vegan Macarons from an Award Winning French Chef.
  • How to make the Macaron Classics, in a high quality plant based version of themselves, such as: chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, caramel, lemon, pistachio… + plus many other traditional and creative flavors…
  • Benefit from Muriel Schiffmann’s 20+ years of professional experience and training expertise to shorten your learning curve from many years to just a few weeks into mastering vegan high-end Macarons.
  • The techniques, specific details and secrets to create you own special and unique flavors.
  • How to replace egg whites for making vegan macarons. Learn all the alternatives we have at this moment, using different kinds of potato protein and aquafaba. We will post updates when new ingredients will be available! 
  • How to make your own aquafaba using ratios so you can get consistency in your results. You will also learn how to make macarons without aquafaba…
  • How to make the right vegan meringue for the macarons.  
  • How to choose the right and best ingredients.
  • Which utensils and equipment to use. 
  • How to make your own vegan heavy cream from scratch.
  • How to make the best ganaches, with some of the best and innovative chocolates in the world (of course you can choose any chocolate you like…): chocolate ganache, pistachio ganache, coffee ganache, black sesame ganache, strawberry ganache etc…
  • How to make artisan praliné, using all kinds of nuts and seeds…
  • How to make special marmalades for macarons.
  • How to make vegan lemon or lime curds, with added aromatic leaves.
  • How to make a buttery and creamy fleur de sel caramel (vegan salted caramel), just as good as the traditional one. 
  • How to create beautiful shells with or without food colorants, using nuts, seeds, cacao nibs, freeze dried fruits, white chocolate…
  • All the steps and critical tips to make egg white substitute,  macaron batter and how to pipe and bake perfect macarons shells just as good as the traditional ones…
  • How to make classics flavors: raspberry macaron, chocolate macaron, pistachio macaron, lemon macaron, vanilla macaron, salted caramel macaron, coffee macaron…
  • New flavors such as black sesame macaron, masala chai tea macaron, basil & lime macaron, Tatin caramelized apple macaron, chocolate and caramel macaron etc…


  • If you follow the instructions closely you will get consistent results, but for the batches that don’t come out as perfectly as you would like, use them to bake a delicious chocolate cake using leftover or irregular macaron shells…  

With all the techniques you will learn, you will be able to create new flavors too! We will be updating the course with new creations and you will have free access to these updates!

This Course is recommended for:

  • Passionate Foodies who love to eat and share their skills & passion with others;
  • Home bakers wanting to discover the art of plant based pastry;
  • Food Entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business selling high-end delicious plant based French Parisian Macarons in their local market:
  • People who wish to start a side hustle or home based food business taking advantage of their state or regional cottage food laws;
  • Food & Beverage businesses who wish to expand the vegan options for their clientele;
  • Hotels that wish to increase their standing by offering luxury food & beverage products to their clientele and justify higher rates & prices;
  • Hôteliers & Restaurateurs who wish to expand their repertoire, knowledge and skills of fine vegan pastry;
  • Professional Pastry Chefs, Chefs and Bakers who wish to offer Fine Vegan macarons to their clientele;
  • Pastry and Culinary students. 


A Digital Course Player:

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Once you have registered for this course, enjoy full access to our course player for 24 months. You will be able to play the videos as many time as you want and print the PDF Recipe book.

The course is available in English (with English subtitles)  or in French (with French subtitles).

This image shows the player with subtitles for clear understanding, and discreet and silent viewing.

A word about the course from the Instructor

In this course you will learn how to make authentic vegan French Parisian macarons that will both look and taste amazing!

It’s hard to find a good macaron, and to be honest, before trying the ones of the most specialized and high-end pastry shops in Paris such as Ladurée, Pierre Hermé, la Maison du chocolat or  Fauchon when I was a culinary student, I didn’t really understand the buzz about them because all the ones I had tried before where ok but didn’t give me that special emotion… But I remember coming  back from my macaron masterclass from the Ritz Escoffier School, at the airport with my enormous box filled with macarons… I just couldn’t stop eating them! 

A good macaron is a fine, and very delicate French pastry… And that is the one I want to teach you. You will have so much pleasure and will be proud to share them with your friends, family or maybe even your customers…  Macarons that they will really fully enjoy!

Actually, the vegan macarons you are about to make will be memorable for everyone, vegan or not vegan… I will take you through this beautiful dream journey step by step, teaching  you all the techniques, ingredients, secrets, and details of the real macaron lover experience. And you don’t need to be an experienced baker, you will learn all the tools in this course. Though, be aware, making macarons is as addicting as eating them!!! There is an increasing demand for a very good plant based macaron, whether people are vegan, are following a plant based diet, or have allergies to eggs or dairy… Vegan macarons are here to stay!

I’m passionate about teaching French Pastry… And now, VEGAN French Pastry! I dedicated many years teaching, and I am honored that my pastry books were awarded the Grand Prix by the Academie Nationale de Cuisine from France (for Professional Training & Education). I am also very proud to have trained lots of passionate foodies, and also many professionals that are now working in prestigious pastry shops and bakeries, and also that many of them even now own their independent business! 

This image shows the raspberry VEGAN macarons in the Course on full screen mode


Muriel Schiffmann | Founder & Head Chef of the Vegan Foodie Project

Nationality | FRANCE

Home | MIAMI | Florida, USA

LANGUAGES | French, Spanish & English

AWARDS | Grand Prix of France’s National Culinary Academy

BACKSTORY | Culinary Instructor & Educator for over 20 years | Former owner and head chef of her independent bakery & cafe | Co-author of the award wining “Master French Pastry” Book series, co-written with Christian Forais, former Head Pastry Chef of the Ritz Hotel in Paris.


Diplôme Master de Pâtisserie | ECOLE RITZ ESCOFFIER | Paris, France

Diplôme de l’Art de la Pâtisserie Française | ECOLE RITZ ESCOFFIER | Paris, France

Diplôme de Pâtisserie | ECOLE RITZ ESCOFFIER | Paris, France


Boulangerie et Viennoiserie | ECOLE RITZ ESCOFFIER | Paris, France

Pains de Tradition et de Qualité | ECOLE LENȎTRE | Paris, France

Desserts Prestige à l’Assiette pour Restaurants | ECOLE LENȎTRE | Paris, France

Viennoiseries et Pâtes | ECOLE LENȎTRE | Paris, France

Glaces et Entremets Glacés | ECOLE LENȎTRE | Paris, France

Les Amuse-Bouches | ECOLE LENȎTRE | Paris, France

Chocolat: Initiation et Trempage | ECOLE LENȎTRE | Paris, France

Petits Gâteaux: des Choix Infinis | ECOLE LENȎTRE | Paris, France

Petits Fours 1 | ECOLE LENȎTRE | Paris, France

Petits Fours 2 | ECOLE LENȎTRE | Paris, France

Mise en Scène et Décorations de Buffets | ECOLE LENȎTRE | Paris, France

Here are some of the vegan macarons varieties you will learn in this course

Vegan Raspberry traditional French Macaron
the French Vegan Lime Macaron
the Parisian Lime Basil Macaron
the Classic and Delicious French Chocolate Vegan Macaron
the Vegan French Caramel Macaron, another classic…
the Chocolate & Caramel Vegan Macaron
the French Vegan Strawberry Ganache Macaron
the Masala Chai Tea Plant Based Macaron
the Classic & always delicious Pistachio Vegan French Macaron

You will be able to use your news skills to create exciting and exotic new flavors!


1- Introduction to the Course:

the MACARON | Welcome, History & Presentation

Replacing the Egg Whites

the Equipment

the Ingredients

the PDF Recipe Course Book

2- The Key Steps for Making Fine Vegan French Macarons

the Key Steps to Successfully Make Fine French Vegan MACARONS

the Key Steps for the Ganache

3- The Basic Recipes

the Vegan “Egg Whites”

the Vegan Cream

the Tant pour Tant

the Italian Meringue

the Aquafaba

4- The Macaron Specialties & Flavors

the Raspberry | MACARON

the Lime | MACARON

the Basil & Lime | MACARON

the Chocolate | MACARON

the Vanilla | MACARON

the Caramel | MACARON

the Caramel & Chocolate | MACARON

the Caramel & Apple Tatin | MACARON

the Strawberry Ganache | MACARON

the Pistachio | MACARON

the Masala Chai Tea | MACARON

the Coffee | MACARON

the Black Sesame | MACARON

5- Bonus

le Gateau aux MACARONS Perdus | CAKE


Launch Date: April 7th 2022

Format: Online | Learn at your own pace | Start & Pause Anytime

Guaranty: Risk Free 30 day money back guarantee from date of purchase

Availability: 24 months from date of purchase

Language: English, with English subtitles for comprehension and discreet silent viewing.

What people are saying:

Danielle, the not so passionate amateur!

I truly enjoyed my lessons with Muriel. I am honestly not a good baker or cook and never had much patience for it either. Wow,   couldn’t believe I am the one that impressed my family and friends… Nobody could believe they hadn’t been bakery brought.  Muriel worked miracles (delicious ones)…

Mary, professional pastry chef 

What can I say…. The truth is that not only is Muriel an awesome person, but an incredible pastry chef, and a great teacher.  Not only does she teach but she carefully explains every detail and the why of things…. 

Moy… Professional Vegan Chef

My vegan baking skills have gone to the next level, thanks to the guidance and detailed instructions of Muriel! 

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